Back To Writing

I find it hard to write here, that is why I mostly post photos, for now.

I used to have a blog for many years, but as I closed the former chapter in my life, I chose to close the blog along with it. Since there was no proper closure for that chapter of my life, I had to do the closure on my own. I still do.

The past six months have been crazy in so many ways, not in a good way, I’m afraid. It’s been a roller coaster of emotions – sadness, anger, hurt and a lot of grief. I’m doing better, but still, there is so much to process and such a long way to go.

I’m lucky and so blessed to have my family and close friends by my side. I wouldn’t have made it without them. I’m so blessed to have my little girl with me on this journey, she is my motivation and drive, she is my compass and I’m so lucky to have her.

Holidays are almost over. It’s been a really good fix for me as the last holiday we ‘celebrated’ was horrible, the most horrible in my whole life. But let’s not talk about that now…

It feels good to get back to everyday routine and even to work.

The Gift of Peace

In my lowest point

Trapped inside my endless emptiness

I needed something to fill my cup

Kind words from a non-stranger anymore

Filled me with so much joy


You were there

Accepting the role, although you never signed up for it

We share the same blood

We have the same colours

Despite 21 year apart


Thank you for being you

For being so kind and gentle

For saying the right words

For giving me the gift of peace