Weekly Photo Challenge: Heritage

This week’s photo challenge has got me thinking…

While I was struggling to find a proper photo for this week’s theme “Heritage“, it crossed my mind that it’s Jerusalem Day today and I found this photo that was shot at my aunt’s house in… well, Jerusalem 🙂


That’s my humble contribution for this week. Happy Jerusalem Day.

Mark of Cain

I need to find the answers within me

Cracks in my memory

won’t allow me to remember who I am

won’t let me forget the words that were said

I lost my instincts along with my pride

I miss my cats, I miss the past

Layers of dirt hide the forgotten beauty

The sacred structure that was supposed to be unbreakable

Lost battles, defeated body and soul

The writing on the wall won’t fade away

A mark of Cain

A shadow to my dimming light

Haste Is of The Devil

I keep on talking about ‘the past 7 months’, since this is the official time when we separated (divorce happened a few months later). The past 7 months have been horrible for me, in every way you can possibly imagine.

Separation is always hard, but when children are involved, it’s 10 times harder, and when the other side decides to end things without explaining or allowing you to express yourself, it’s 100 times harder. You get the point.

I was in an emotional and mental breakdown; grieving the loss of a partner, grieving the loss of  a relationship, but mostly – grieving the loss of a family, our family.

So many ups and downs have happened throughout these 7 months, substantially more downs. Every time I felt a little stronger, a new obstacle would come in my way (you can read about the latest here). I kept on feeling like there is no way out of this endless pain and misery.

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