Trauma is exhausting

Draining my energy

Sucking my vitality

Leaving me shaky and weak


I can see the progress

Not playing games with death

Not numbing the pain with artificial aid

I am present but my body won’t adjust to the change


It’s been such a long journey

And the end is yet to be seen

I need my body again

I need strength

Madness Episode 26


Housewarming party by the pool

Jumping on the tables

Running around like a wounded animal

The look of embarrassment in their eyes

I am caught in a madness episode

Bleeding my way out to the safe room

Wearing my straitjacket

Shouting my heart out

Screaming like there is no tomorrow

The look of despair in their eyes

Throwing the newspaper on her face


I want to crawl into the hole

Helplessness in their eyes

Sadness in mine

Realising there is no way out

The Gift of Peace

In my lowest point

Trapped inside my endless emptiness

I needed something to fill my cup

Kind words from a non-stranger anymore

Filled me with so much joy


You were there

Accepting the role, although you never signed up for it

We share the same blood

We have the same colours

Despite 21 year apart


Thank you for being you

For being so kind and gentle

For saying the right words

For giving me the gift of peace